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The Role of HDCO

The HDCO was established in 1984 as a joint project between the Government of Ontario and the amateur hockey bodies in the province.
The newly formed HDCO was to act as a "one voice" for amateur hockey in Ontario to the provincial government while playing a coordinating
role between its member organizations.

The offices of the HDCO are located in Toronto and has two (2) full-time staff, an Executive Director and an Executive Assistant, to carry out
the day-to-day operations of the organization.

The HDCO plays a coordinating role with its members in the following ways:

-  providing financial support and other resources, as available, to assist the member organizations in the delivery of their programs and services offered to amateur hockey participants in the province.
- referring inquiries related to competition and jurisdiction to the appropriate HDCO member organization.
- assist in the development, implementation and management of programs designed to increase sport safety.
- act as an advocate for its members in Ontario to the Ministry of Tourism Culture and Sport
- assist our member organizations in the long-term planning for amateur hockey in Ontario.

The HDCO is a non-profit organization that receives financial support from the Provincial Sport and Recreation Branch of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport.