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Hockey Trainers Certification Program (HTCP)
Since 1984, the HDCO has provided the HTCP to amateur hockey in Ontario. The HTCP is designed to educate people in the prevention, recognition and treatment of hockey-related injuries. The program offers three levels of certification which are designed to assist the individual trainer as his or her experience grows. HTCP Level 1 is now offered as an e-Learning course and includes both the HTCP Level 1 full course and a refresher component.

Each year approximately 9,000 people in the province of Ontario are certified in the HTCP.  The program addresses many key areas including: Role and Responsibilities of the Trainer, Code of Ethics and Fair Play Codes, development of the Emergency Action Plan, development of a prudent Risk Management Plan, protective equipment, injury prevention techniques, Removing Players from Action/Return to Play, nutrition and the procedures to follow in common and life threatening injury situations. The HTCP is the only sport specific risk management , injury management and safety education program in Ontario. For more information on the HTCP, contact your nearest Branch/Division office of Hockey Canada or the Hockey Development Centre for Ontario HTCP e-Learning website at