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Hockey Canada in Ontario

Organized hockey in Canada is governed by Hockey Canada.  The CHA was formed in July 1994 when the ongoing operations of the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association (CHA) and Hockey Canada were combined. The CHA changed its name in May 2003 to Hockey Canada.

There is one branch of Hockey Canada in each province, with the exception of Ontario which has three (3) branches as follows:

  • Hockey Northwestern Ontario (HNO)
  • Hockey Eastern Ontario (HEO) and Hockey Eastern Ontario Minor (HEO Minor)
  • Ontario Hockey Federation (comprised of the following member partner organizations):
    • Alliance Hockey
      governs various associations primarily in the Southwestern Ontario corridor, with exceptions.
    • Greater Toronto Hockey League (GTHL)
      governs minor hockey in Greater Toronto and Mississauga.
    • Ontario Minor Hockey Association (OMHA)
      governs minor hockey in Southern Ontario outside of Greater Toronto, with the exception of those associations affiliated with the ALLIANCE.
    • Northern Ontario Hockey Association (NOHA)
      governs all hockey in the Northern Ontario region including the Northern Junior A Hockey League.
    • Ontario Hockey Association (OHA)
      governs Junior and Senior hockey in the OHF.
    • Ontario Women's Hockey Association (OWHA)
      the governing body for female hockey in Ontario.
    • Ontario Hockey League (OHL)
      comprised of 20 Major Junior A clubs. The OHL is also affiliated with Hockey Canada through the Canadian Hockey League.