Injury Data Collection Form

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Type of Injury
Strain   Sprain   Bruise
Fracture   Dislocation   Laceration
Concussion   Seperation      
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Location in facility where injury occured
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Causes of Injury
Puck   Check Behind   Skate
Stick   Collision   Fell on ice
Boards   Trip   Net
Poor Fitting Equipment   Body Check   Faulty Equipment


This form is to be completed each time: A player is removed for the remainder of a period or game due to an injury sustained while playing hockey. (Example: A player injured in the first period but who returns to play in the second or third period would have a form filled out for them.) A player is injured during a practice, whether on or off the ice. A player is forced to leave play for a health reason that is not known. PURPOSE: This "Injury Report" is designed to provide organized hockey in Ontario with the critical information on hockey injuries that is required to permit the hockey bodies in Ontario to discuss possible changes to enhance safety in the game of hockey. Note: All player information of a personal or injury nature that is recorded on this form is considered to be confidential and is not to be used in any manner to determine a player's future ability to play the game. This form is to be completed in full by the team trainer or other team official. The information should be as complete and accurate as possible. Only one form is to be completed for each player for each injury incident that occurs. If you require assistance in completing this form, please contact the HDCO office at 416-426-7252 or toll free at 1-888-843-4326

This Injury Report Form is not meant in any way to replace or substitute for the Hockey Canada’s Accident or Serious Injury Report Forms.