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HTCP - Level I

The HTCP Level I program is the beginning level program, which introduces the participant to the principles of hockey training and injury and risk management.

Topics include:

  • Purpose of the Program**
  • Fair Play Codes
  • Hockey Trainer's Responsibilities
  • Risk Management
  • Medical Information Files and Injury Reporting
  • First Aid Kit
  • Bullying, Harassment and Abuse*
  • Protective Equipment and Hygiene
  • Injury Prevention Techniques
  • Emergency Action Plan **
  • Injury Management Principles**
  • Injury Recognition and Management **
  • Spinal Injuries and Concussions **
  • Injuries and Illness **
  • Removing Players From Action/Coordinating Return to Play**
  • Nutrition and Hydration, Hygiene, Performance Enhancing Drugs HIV and Hockey, Exercise Induced Bronchiospam **

Download Safety Requires Teamwork - Safety for All Booklet

Level 1 Expiration Date:
All HTCP Level 1 certification expiration dates will be universal. This date will be August 31st/YR and will be for a maximum of three (3) years.

As a minimum standard, participants must re-qualify by participating in a HTCP Level 1 refresher program format every three years and achieve a passing mark on the exam. Member Associations may at their discretion, extend the period of requalification within a reasonable timeframe and under normal circumstances not to exceed October 31/YR. Regardless of this extension, the universal expiry date remains August 31/YR. NOTE: If lapsed past the requalification timeframe, a participant will be considered NEW and must complete the HTCP Level 1 full course.

• Participant may re-qualify by completing the HTCP Level I full course every 3 years (classroom or E-Learning).
• Participant whose HTCP certification expires on August 31st of the current year may re-qualify by completing the HTCP Level 1 refresher program (classroom or E-Learning).

Course Length:
e-Learning Standard Level 1 approx. 6 hours
e-Learning Level 1 Refresher approx. 3 hours
Re-certification: Every 3 years with a universal expiration date of August 31/yr.
No equivalencies are permitted
Examination 75% passing grade

Age Requirement:
The minimum age in which a participant can be certified as trainer in the HTCP is 16 years of age, however, the trainer must be at least 2 years older than the team age for which they are a trainer. It is highly recommended that this age group work as an assistant trainer for one (1) year prior to being allowed to take full responsibility for a team.

(*) The Bullying, Harassment and Abuse component that is included in the HTCP is a condensed version derived from the Speak Out/Respect in Sport program. This module discusses specific topics relating to the hockey trainer, however, it is not a substitute for this program course. Please contact your Branch/Division for further information on Speak Out/Respect in Sport.

(**) Denotes topics included in the Level 1 Refresher.