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HTCP - Equivalency Policy

In the past, the Hockey Trainers’ Certification Program did provide for those individuals with specific medical skills and training, an equivalency into the HTCP Level I only. On September 10, 1994, the HDCO Trainers Committee enacted a rule change that equivalencies would no longer be granted into the Level I program. The rationale for this rule change within the HTCP is as follows:

  1. The HTCP Level I program is fundamentally non-medical in nature and therefore will not recognize medical training of any kind as an equivalent.
  2. The HTCP Level I includes sport specific non-medical components that are not covered in any medical or para-medical program, which are vital to the participant to ensure the safety of all players. They included:
    • Role and Responsibilities of being a Volunteer Trainer
    • Code of Ethics and Fair Play Codes
    • Risk Management
    • Abuse and Harassment
    • Emergency Action Plan
    • Protective Equipment, fitting and Standards
    • The Injury Data Collection Program
    • Return to Play Policy
    • Insurance and Other Forms

The HTCP welcomes those individuals that have varied medical and First Aid qualifications to become involved as a team trainer. However, the HTCP believes that all individuals should be exposed to the same introductory program (Level I).

The HTCP does recognize those individuals who have attained certain medical qualifications, which are deemed of a higher qualification than that of Standard First Aid. Those individuals having full accreditation in the following areas are able to apply for HTCP Level II status once they have successfully completed the Level I program.

Click here for the list: Level II