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HTCP - Dr. Tom Pashby Trainer of the Year Award

This award signifies outstanding achievement in the area of safety and risk management and contribution to the Hockey Trainers' Certification Program. The nominees must possess the following criteria:

  • Must have attained Level 3 of the HTCP or equivalent training in the opinion of the HDCO member association.
  • Must be a member of an Ontario Hockey Canada Branch/Division.
  • May either be in a volunteer or professional capacity.
  • May be active or retired.
  • May be nominated any number of years but can only receive the award once.


An award is then presented to the regional nominees of each participating HDCO member organization. From those nominees one provincial winner is selected by the HDCO selection committee.

Past Recipients & Nominees
Winner is indicated in green.
year trainer
Bryan Coulson Hockey Northwestern Ontario
David Losier Northern Ontario Hockey Association
Darlene Gabarro Greater Toronto Hockey League
Neil Bruetsch & Derek Ouellette Hockey Northwestern Ontario
JJ Johnson Northern Ontario Hockey Association
Lisa Parise Northern Ontario Hockey Association
Dean Caron Hockey Northwestern Ontario
Carla Vine Northern Ontario Hockey Association
Dennis Brown Ontario Minor Hockey Association
Bob Radojcin Ontario Minor Hockey Association
Frank Pietrobono Greater Toronto Hockey League
Lisa Parise Northern Ontario Hockey Association
Joe Feeney Hockey Eastern Ontario
Shawn Osborne Alliance Hockey
Ed Woelk Ontario Minor Hockey Association
Doug Johnston Greater Toronto Hockey League
Randy Everett Hockey Northwestern Ontario
Dan Charette Northern Ontario Hockey Association
Chuck Dufton Hockey Eastern Ontario
David Smith Ontario Minor Hockey Association
Elisa Fidani Greater Toronto Hockey League
James (Jimmy) Whalen Hockey Northwestern Ontario
Dr. Johanna Carlo Greater Toronto Hockey League
Lea Kyle Greater Toronto Hockey League
John Romu Hockey Northwestern Ontario
Keith Concisom Ontario Minor Hockey Association
Rocky Hartley Northern Ontario Hockey Association
Patrick Bourgeois Hockey Eastern Ontario Minor Association
Dan McDowell Hockey Eastern Ontario
Allan Marantz Hockey Northwestern Ontario
Steve Hughes Greater Toronto Hockey League
Patricia Allen Ontario Minor Hockey Association
Mario Laino Northern Ontario Hockey Association
John Sobey Hockey Eastern Ontario
Brian Stittle Ontario Minor Hockey Association
Greg Henning Alliance Hockey
Meggan McLeod Hockey Northwestern Ontario
Bidwell Caverly Northern Ontario Hockey Association
Steve Pellerin Hockey Eastern Ontario
Jonathan Geddes Ontario Minor Hockey Association
Sylvie Cote Hockey Eastern Ontario
Tony Caravaggio Ontario Minor Hockey Association
David Mott Hockey Eastern Ontario
Jessica Keller Hockey Eastern Ontario
Bill Wilson Jr. Greater Toronto Hockey League
David Smith Ontario Minor Hockey Association
Ernie Sapinski Northern Ontario Hockey Association
Darryl Bossence Ontario Minor Hockey Association
John Ohinski Northern Ontario Hockey Association
Robert Minnema Greater Toronto Hockey League
Glenn Hall Northern Ontario Hockey Association
Ray Gowan Ontario Minor Hockey Association
Sheldon Adams Hockey Eastern Ontario
Glenn Parker/Bruce Gosson Hockey Eastern Ontario Minor
Paul Robson Ontario Minor Hockey Association
Ulo Pihelgas Northern Ontario Hockey Association
Robert Vincentini Northern Ontario Hockey Association
Terry Bell Ontario Minor Hockey Association
John Raine Hockey Eastern Ontario
Brian Doherty Minor Hockey Alliance for Ontario
Robert Minemma Greater Toronto Hockey League
Gary Fisch Ontario Minor Hockey Association
Merv Russell Northern Ontario Hockey Association
Dan McDowell Hockey Eastern Ontario Minor
George Partridge Ontario Minor Hockey Association
Harvey Mallette Northern Ontario Hockey Association
Jordan McLean Hockey Eastern Ontario
Mark Baxter Ontario Hockey Association
Ron Rost Hockey Northwestern Ontario
Gerald Bouffard Northern Ontario Hockey Association
Dennis Brown Ontario Minor Hockey Association
Bill Griffiths Hockey Eastern Ontario
Bob McLeod Ontario Hockey Association
Walter Grobelny Hockey Northwestern Ontario
John Mayne Northern Ontario Hockey Association
Brian Eccleshally Ontario Minor Hockey Association
Todd Jackson Hockey Eastern Ontario